Skin Diver Flag


Fabricated from heavy-weight marine grade Dupont nylon treated to withstand sun and salt without discoloring or shredding.

Sewn hems with a double lock-stitched row (4 rows on the fly end!) of strong polyester thread.


Solid brass gromments.

The Skin Diver flag, also often referred to as the Diver Down flag, should be an essential piece of safety equipment on any boat that is used for diving, and it’s not a bad idea to keep one if you may consider hosting divers on your boat in the future.
Our Skin Diver Flags are made for us in America by experienced flag makers with the same commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every nautical flag we sell.

The Skin Diver Flag and The Law
That’s right, contrary to popular belief that use of the Skin Diver flag is entirely voluntary, most states and many governments including the US Government require divers to display the Diver Down flag when a diver is in the water.
Although the various laws differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the intention remains the same. That is, divers are required to remain within a certain distance of the flag while boats other than the dive boat must remain a certain distance away from the flag’s location. Also, it is generally agreed that it’s best to attach the flag to an anchored buoy because it indicates a more precise location of the diver.

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