Indoor US Air Force Flag


Every Valley Forge Perma-Nyl Nylon indoor US Air Force flag is carefully hand-assembled using a gleaming taffeta material, then finished with a flannel-lined pole hem to prevent “bunching”, and a thick golden fringe.
Hems are stitched with a double row of color-matched thread for a clean, classic appearance.
Valley Forge’s Perma-Nyl material features deep, rich colors and a silk-like sheen.
A thick, gold fringe adds the “correct” ceremonial look.
The pole hem is fully lined with flannel to prevent “bunching” on the pole and insure that your flag drapes perfectly.

A Short History of the US Air Force Flag
Though the US Air Force is the newest branch of the United States Armed Services, the Air Force flag was adopted ahead of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard! The flag of the US Air Force was officially put into action by then President Harry S. Truman in a ceremony on the 26th of March, 1951.
The flag consists of Air Force Seal, which was approved by President Truman on the 1st of November, 1947, on a blue background.
The various elements of the Seal are straightforward—here is what they represent:
The thirteen stars circling the eagle and the shield stand for the thirteen original colonies.
The white and blue within the shield represent the clouds and the blue sky.
The lightning bolts are symbols that date back to at least the American Revolution and represent a swift and omnipotent force.
The Bald Eagle represents the United States and her air power.
The Roman Numerals read 1947, the year the US Air Force was established.

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